Light Deprivation

The Advantage of a Light Deprivation Greenhouse

A light deprivation greenhouse uses blackout material with controlled exposure to light and darkness to simulate seasonal changes. Automating light and darkness tricks the plants into flowering on command, reducing the time to reach maturity which allows year-round cultivation with multiple harvests.

Plants that are usually grown in the fall respond well in a light deprivation greenhouse. Licensed cannabis growers have found a light deprivation greenhouse to be the quickest path to multiple harvests. Here are some of the plants that are best know for light deprivation growing: Asters, Cannabis, Christmas Cactus, Cosmos, Mums, Poinsettias, and Zinnias.

A light deprivation greenhouse from Silk Road Greenhouse is designed for the perfect controlled growing environment. We utilize state-of-the-art light deprivation fabrics along with environmental control equipment to help regulate temperature, humidity, fertigation, CO2 and light levels. Our light deprivation curtains assist in blocking out incoming light while also helping eliminate light pollution when extending photo periods at night. Additionally, this fabric doubles as an energy curtain and can help reduce night time heating costs by up to 33%.